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Claire Temple Claire Temple

Claire Temple ist eine Figur, die von Rosario Dawson in der Fernsehserie des Marvel Cinematic Universe dargestellt wird und auf den Marvel-Comics-Figuren Claire Temple und Night Nurse basiert. Als Krankenschwester, die Bürgerwehr medizinische. Claire Temple ist eine Krankenschwester, die Matt Murdock alias Daredevil heimlich hilft, wenn er. Claire Temple ist Krankenschwester in New York. Sie unterstützt Daredevil und die beiden verlieben. Claire Temple (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - Claire Temple (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Claire Temple. Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) ist eine Krankenschwester in New York, die immer wieder in Kontakt zu Menschen mit übersinnlichen Fähigkeiten kommt.

Claire Temple

Wie in allen bisherigen Netflix-Serien spielt Rosario Dawson auch bei Iron Fist die Krankenschwester Claire Temple. In dieser Serie hat sie ihren größten Auftritt​. claire temple schauspieler. Claire Temple (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - Claire Temple (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Claire Temple.

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Marvel's Iron Fist: Claire Temple's First Training

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BETTE DAVIES Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Read more. In der Nacht wird das Krankenhaus von Ninjas der Hand überfallen. Wenig später kehrt sie zurück, um seine Wunden noch einmal zu untersuchen und macht ihm deutlich, dass er sich Ruhe gönnen muss, damit er vollständig genesen kann. Start Your Free Trial. Claire hört Jessica aufmerksam zu und gibt ihr wichtige Ratschläge, so Re Zero Ger Dub diese mental gestärkt in den Kampf gegen Kilgarve treten kann. Euch entstehen dadurch zusätzlichen Kosten. Luke ist weiterhin bewusstlos und Claire kümmert sich um ihn, während Jessica wieder auf die Jagd nach Kilgrave geht.
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Make sure this is what you intended. As Cage got up determined to save her, Temple advised him against it and told him that he and Jones make a good couple and he should be glad that he has someone to care about him.

Cage agreed and asked for a glass of water; however, when Temple returned with the glass, she discovered that Cage had already left.

Unsurprised, Temple sipped the water. Temple is encountered by Nelson. Temple continued working at Metro-General Hospital at the time many criminals were injured by Daredevil and by gunshots.

Temple was working for days to help the injured. One day, Foggy Nelson visited her at work and asked if she had seen Matt Murdock who had disappeared following his fight with Frank Castle.

She told him she had not seen him in a long time and she preferred not to take care on him anymore. She asked Nelson to help her treat a wounded patient.

She explained that although she believed Murdock was doing the right thing, after the meeting with Luke Cage , she preferred not to help him anymore and focus on her job.

Nelson said he was worried about him, but Temple tried to relax him by saying Murdock could take care of himself. Nelson said that many of the criminals were injured by the same person Murdock was up against.

Suddenly, two criminals started a fight. Temple tried to calm them down, but they did not listen.

Only after Nelson talked them down, they stopped. Temple checks the medical records of Murdock for Nelson. Temple decided to help Nelson and checked if Murdock was treated in hospitals in the city, but the records showed he was not.

Nelson was upset, but Temple ensured him he would be fine. She flattered Nelson about the way he handled the criminals.

She told him that the relationship with Murdock would be different. Nelson said to her that Murdock had made a mistake when he let her go, but Temple asked him what made him think he did.

She waved and returned to work. Temple treats all of Brett Mahoney patients. Following Daredevil 's advice, he spoke to Temple, asking her to take in the patients without formally checking them in.

Temple brought the victims to a wing of the hospital that was under renovation. She and a team of nurses, including her friend Louisa Delgado , attending to the patients, who were still unconscious.

While trying to bring down their fevers, Temple noticed that their fingerprints had been burned off. As she left the room, she was surprised by Matt Murdock.

He explained that Nobu Yoshioka , whom he thought was dead, had abducted the patients and was draining them of their blood.

He warned Temple that Yoshioka's men might return to try to take the patients back, but assured her that he was going to be protecting the hospital.

Murdock left suddenly, telling her that the Punisher had just escaped. Temple shows Stan Gibson that his son, Daniel , has woken up.

Temple was attending to Daniel Gibson when he awoke. She let his father, Stan Gibson , have a moment with his son.

She went to a vending machine and got two cups of coffee, and went looking for Murdock. She found him on the roof, wearing his body armor , ready to protect the hospital.

She told him that Daniel Gibson was awake, and that all the patients had unidentifiable organic substances in their blood, leading them to think that Yoshioka was incubating something in their bloodstream and then draining it at will.

She tried to convince him to visit Foggy Nelson , who was in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound, but Murdock told her that he had to separate himself from his friends or risk endangering them further.

She warned him that he was isolating himself from the very thing he was trying to protect before leaving him on the roof.

As she made her way back to her patients, alarm klaxons began to blare. She found the patients standing over the dead body of Stan Gibson.

In shock, she ran off to get help. Temple witnesses the Hand kill Delgado. She returned with hospital police, telling them that one of the patients killed his father with a scalpel.

Once they reached the patients, they were attacked by ninjas. Delgado was killed in the attack. Daredevil arrived and saved Temple, while she was forced to knock one of the ninja's out of a window to his death in self defense, but was unable to prevent the ninjas from escaping with all the patients.

Afterwards, Murdock explained to her that they had been attacked by the Hand , and gave her his condolences on the loss of her friend.

Temple warned him that he appeared unable to handle the situation alone. He received a phone call and left abruptly.

Shirley Benson defended Temple to a hospital administrator, who was furious that five patients had been brought into Metro-General Hospital without being formally checked in.

A medical examiner began the autopsy of a dead Hand ninja. Temple was stunned to notice a Y-incision on his torso, which made it seem as if he had already undergone an autopsy.

Temple thought they should report this to the coroner, but the administrator ordered the autopsy stopped and warned all present not to speak about it.

Temple quits Metro-General Hospital. Later, Benson left a meeting with the administrators to tell Temple that she still had her job, but that this was her last chance.

But when Benson told her that the hospital was going to report that Louisa Delgado had been killed by a junkie, Temple was furious.

She burst into the meeting, telling the administrators that she couldn't be a part of the cover-up, and quit.

Temple talks to Nelson about Murdock. Leaving the hospital, she was met by Foggy Nelson , who had just been discharged.

They got into the same elevator. She told him that she had quit, and that their mutual friend would have to seek medical attention elsewhere the next time he was hurt.

She explained that the hospital was trying to keep the incident the previous night quiet, as if it never happened. As the elevator doors closed, Nelson asked what had happened.

While she was admiring the sights of her old home, her purse got snatched by a robber. Rather than let it slide, she chased after him and caught him under a bridge.

She fought him until he fell to the ground, writhing in pain, and took her purse back. Afterwards, she continued to her destination.

Claire meets up with her mother. Temple entered the diner, where her mother, Soledad Temple , worked at, taking note that her daughter was late.

Temple stated that she was robbed and had to fight back. Her mother began to worry, but Temple noted that she grew up in Harlem and you had to fight back.

Her mother stated that things have changed in Harlem, but Temple stated it was happening everywhere. Her mother asked if that was why she came back, but she stated that it was until things started to make sense.

Temple tells her mom about the Hand taking over Metro-General Hospital. Temple sat at one of the tables, where she was teasing her mom for being superstitious by playing with the salt shaker.

Temple, then, admitted that she is starting to believe in more of a middle ground, as she described the events at the Hospital when the Hand took over and she almost did an autopsy for one of the ninjas who had a huge Y-shaped scar on his chest.

She, then, described how her friend got killed by one of the ninjas and that the hospital wanted to cover it up, revealing that she quit.

Her mom stated that she was glad that she came home and Temple revealed that she had to, describing how Metro made sure she wouldn't work anywhere else in New York.

Her mom asked what would make her happy, Temple told her about saving Daredevil and Luke Cage and their unique abilities, stating that she wants to help powered people.

Her mom reminded her that the world was no longer what it used to be after the Battle of New York , but that Temple has, somehow, got involved.

She asked her what that means to her, when Temple called it bad luck, her mom stated that it was fate. Temple shows her mother Luke Cage.

Later, Temple was looking in a medical book, when she looked up at the television. The news was on, doing a segment of Luke Cage and his survival and rescue at Genghis Connie's.

She stopped her mom to show her one of the people that she was talking about; her mom stated that he looks like trouble, noting that he reminded her of Temple's father.

A man approached, looking at the news, and pointed out how Cage lives at Pop's Barber Shop and that he was a hero.

Temple greeting Luke Cage and Bobby Fish. Claire was summoned by her mother, who was irked that she didn't text her.

When she asked what she wanted, she pointed out to Cage , who was eating lunch with Fish. Surprised, she approached him and asked him if he remembered when Jones brought him to Metro-General Hospital.

It took a while, but he then remembered who she was, greeting her. Fish, then, greeted her, complimenting her beauty, and leaving the two of them alone.

Temple discussing all of Luke Cage 's powers. Temple accepted a seat from Cage and they both paused in awkward silence.

Cage started the conversation, claiming that Temple didn't have to do what she did for him; however, Temple claimed that all she wanted to know was whether he was ok, reminding him of the shotgun blast.

Cage thought that meant that he was a freak, but she stated that it meant that he was amazing. Temple watches Luke Cage while he leaves.

Cage, however, claimed that he wanted to be normal, just like everyone else, but Temple asked why he should hide it, if he was not going to use his gifts.

Cage, filled with uncertainty, paid his tab and left. Temple looked on, with her mother wondering what happened, then she got up and followed him.

Temple and Luke Cage find Rafael Scarfe. As she continued to follow Luke Cage down the streets, he claimed he lived in New York to hide.

However, she noted that surviving a falling building and thousands of bullets would cause a lot of attention. He finally entered his apartment, but becomes surprised that the door was unlocked.

They began to follow a trail of blood and, eventually, found Rafael Scarfe bleeding on the floor in the back room. Temple operates on Rafael Scarfe.

He demanded no cops, not even his partner, Misty Knight , claiming that he wanted Cage's help because he was the only one who didn't trust him.

Temple, then, suggested a hospital, but Scarfe refused that as well, claiming he would be killed, stating just like how they found Chico.

Temple requested that Cage put him on one of the barber chairs so she can operate on him. As she looked at his wounds, she noted some very deep bullet holes.

They continued to heal Scarfe, as he laid bleeding on the barber chair. She revealed that she could remove the bullet from his thigh, however, the side could be worst, due to internal bleeding.

As Temple removed the bullet from Scarfe's thigh, he requested to hide in Pop's Barber Shop, but Cage denied; he then, under a lot of pain, revealed that he worked for Cottonmouth and was shot by him.

Cage, still unconvinced that he was trustworthy, asked what happened to Chico, noting that he mentioned his name while he was passed out.

After hesitating a bit, he finally revealed that he killed him. Enraged, Cage began to choke him, however, Temple insisted that he was not a killer.

Heeding her words, Cage took his hands off of Scarfe's neck and suggested leaving Scarfe to die at the Barber Shop, with Temple tagging along as they left.

However, Scarfe begged for his protection, noting that he was, indeed corrupt. But he revealed that cottonmouth was worst and he has evidence that could put him to jail.

This caused them to stop. He revealed that in his apartment, he kept notes about every crime that was covered up, all the bodies that were disposed of at Spurlock's and the names of every cop on Cottonmouth's payroll.

With that, Temple stayed behind to look after Scarfe, while Cage left to retrieve the notes. Temple receives a call from her mother.

Later, Temple began texting her mother and kept waking up Scarfe, stating they were about to move pretty soon.

Cage, finally, returned with the notes and stated that the cops know that they were at the apartment and will be on their way.

Cage was about to carry Scarfe for a cab, but Temple finally got a call from her mother and insisted that they used her van.

Temple, then, went to the back, where the van was waiting. Cage, carrying Scarfe, followed. She was greeted by her mother and the van, who demanded that her daughter be safe.

As she thanked her mother, they place Scarfe in the back and she entered to watch over him. Cage, then, began to drive. Temple began checking Scarfe's wounds and suggested taking him to surgery, noting his violent bleeding.

However, Cage revealed that he was taking him to the nearest police precinct to testify against Cottonmouth with his evidence; he, then, stated that the D.

When Scarfe protested, due to his dying state, Cage suggested that due to cops on Cottonmouth 's payroll, putting him in a hospital would make him an easy target; he, then, asked Temple to call an E.

The traffic was found to be unusually congested; which Cage assumed that Cottonmouth closed off the streets to find Scarfe.

Temple, looking at her phone, suggested a sharp right on the next street, as a short cut; Cage did that.

However, they were unaware that they were being followed. Cage took note of this and decided to see if the car would pass them.

Instead, the car went beside them and guns fired at the van, which resulted into a car chase. As soon as they were far away from them, they drove into an alleyway where they turned off the lights.

They got out of the car and went inside one of the abandoned buildings, leaving the van as a decoy. Temple, Cage and Scarfe walked down a long hallway, trying to find police headquarters.

However, gunfire sprayed Cage's back and he shielded Temple and Scarfe from harm, leaving Temple and Scarfe to continue moving forward.

Temple continued down the long hallway holding Scarfe by the arm. As they finally got out, Scarfe stated that he was tired and he wanted to "see his son.

Temple closed her eyes, embracing the inevitable impact, but Cage stopped the van with his body. They were met by Detective Knight, who rushed to see her injured partner.

Scarfe began to convulse violently and Temple laid him down on the ground to die in peace. Knight and Scarfe had a moment, as he apologized to her, and died while Knight mourned her lost partner.

Temple and Cage spent the rest of the night walking down the streets of Harlem, where she joked about Cage's clothes being full of bullet holes.

She added that she was still in disbelief that he didn't think that he was special, even after all the amazing things he did.

Cage stated that with Cottonmouth in jail, he is moving on. Temple stated that she was willing to help him use his powers for good, Cage then asked if she would like to go out for a cup of coffee, but Temple rejected Cage's flirting.

Temple conversed with Cage about his life before being set to prison, especially about his father , whom did not want to raise a criminal; thanking Cage for sharing, she recommended a lawyer to represent him in discretion.

Without warning, she witnessed as Cage clutched his abdomen in great pain and drop to the ground.

Temple tried to clot the blood, Cage going into shock and becoming unconscious. She called Manny , whom arrived and was able to cart the duo.

After leaving Noah Burstein's House , Temple and Cage traveled to the outskirts of Seagate Prison , where Cage explained that he managed to swim the distance to the shore.

Returning to Harlem , Temple and Cage snuck into Harlem's Paradise and witnessed as Mariah Dillard rallied the civilians against enhanced individuals.

Temple stayed downstairs amongst the crowd, while Cage silently informed her that he planned to trail Misty Knight upstairs to Diamondback.

Watching a live report of the situation in Harlem , Temple grabbed her coat; when Candace Miller tries to join her, Temple informed her that she would be best staying there in their safety until Misty Knight comes back for her testimony.

Arriving outside with the crowd, she joined Knight and watched as Luke Cage and Diamondback fought one another in the street.

Following the defeat of Diamondback in front of a cheering crowd and TV cameras, Misty Knight arrested Mariah Dillard and requested Luke Cage accompany her to the precinct to clear his name.

While initially hesitant he agreed as long as Claire stayed by his side and they depart of their own free will.

After making an impassioned speech about doing what's right no matter who you are, several police officers were moved by his words and appeared to be convinced he was innocent.

He and Claire began to flirt about getting coffee, until Mariah was cut loose following the murder of the only witness.

With the shock of this still sinking in, Federal Marshalls arrive to arrest Luke now that his true identity has been confirmed. Claire promises to get him in touch with her lawyer friend and kisses Luke before he is taken away.

As she sadly walks home alone she stops to look at a tear-away ad for self defense classes and takes a tab with the dojo's address.

Temple met Danny Rand as she practiced with Colleen Wing in her dojo. Temple recognized Rand after hearing about him in the news while Wing put their practice on hold to talk to Rand who had come seeking Wing.

He also ordered dinner much to Wing's surprise. Having introduced herself, Temple was invited to join them for dinner at Wing's insistence.

As they eat, Temple learned a little about Rand and his past in K'un-Lun , as well as why he have waited so long to return to New York City.

She sympathized with what Rand had been through. Knowing that Rand needed to talk to Wing in private, Temple thanked for the free meal and left the dojo.

Briefly encountering her former employer, she requested that he be admitted under "John Doe. The two ran down the halls and witnessed two Hand henchmen disguised as nurses carted Bernivig away, Temple taking the stairs to the parking lot.

Temple prepared to shower at her mother's apartment. Afterwards, she sought for her phone, which was removed from a table. Unexpectedly, she was attack from her rear by a Hand member but was able take the man down and escape to Danny Rand and Colleen Wing at Chikara Dojo.

After being abandoned, Temple returned home; after two days, she received a knock the door, granting entrance to an injured Danny Rand and a mystery man by the name of Davos.

Carrying him to the tabletop, she searched through her medical baggage and provided aide, asking Rand to explain his and Wing's disappearance from Chikara Dojo nights prior.

Temple waited near a bus stop for the arrival of Luke Cage. She asked him about the coffee they meant to have prior. The two rushed back to Soledad Temple's Apartment , in which they heavily kissed, stripped, and engaged in sex.

Afterwards, she commented that she gambled waiting for him to come back. The two conversed about the time spent apart, her letters, and briefly about the state of Harlem since his arrest and return to Seagate.

A knock at the door, Temple answered and met eyes with Misty Knight , whom wished to have a walk with Cage. After the Earthquake , Temple and Cage assisted the residences of Harlem, providing medical aid to the bruised and removing fallen debris from structures respectively.

Later, the two ventured down a street and spoke more about the state of Harlem , especially about Miller. Deciding to help him further for a lead on White Hat , Temple informed Cage that Elmore's Bar was closed down and that the new criminal hangout was a shady bar named Trouble in a Pair-of-Dice.

Temple witnessed as Cage returned home , in which he grabbed a cloth and ice cubes. She asked him about his minor injury, to which he answered that a kid with a glowing fist managed to punch him.

Initially, both men detested one another for the prior incident , but Temple pushed that they were on the same side.

Alongside Wing, she left the two to converse alone. Cage arrived at Soledad Temple's Apartment to collect Temple. As he tried to explain the situation, she assisted, saying that after dealing with the Hand , she may have become a potential target due to her affiliation with Defenders.

Grabbing a scarf, she headed out with Cage. The two grouped with Rand and located Wing in the alley, slashed by a living Bakuto in the abdomen.

With him gone, they brought Wing to 29th Precinct Police Station , where Temple provided aid to her friend.

Go here hilft den beiden bei der Flucht aus dem Krankenhaus, als sie bemerkt, dass beide übermenschliche Kräfte haben. Sie wird Kino Leopold der Mafia für diese, als Köder für Daredevil entführt, und obwohl er in der Lage istsie zu retten, sie für beide Seiten entscheidendass es zu gefährlich istsich zu engagieren, trotz der Funke zwischen ihnen. Dort schlägt Sergei mehrfach auf sie ein, um die wahre Identität von Daredevil this web page erfahren. Sie wechseln sich ab. Luke ist weiterhin bewusstlos und Claire kümmert sich um ihn, während Jessica wieder click here die Https:// nach Kilgrave geht. Die Russen hatten ein Kind entführt, um den Mann mit der Maske anzulocken. Source später kehrt sie zurück, um seine Wunden noch einmal zu untersuchen und macht ihm deutlich, dass er sich Ruhe gönnen muss, damit er vollständig click here kann. Fieser rechter Haken. Wir wollten die Möglichkeit haben, in Anime Series Best Lage sein Claire Temple Publikum go here zu lassen, dass diese Person diese Person kennt, und das bedeutet, dass sie diese Person wissen. Weil sie eine Krankenschwester spieltdie grundsätzlich im Recht more info sein scheinen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt platzieren, und Was ZГ¤hlt Online Schauen ist sehr gut bei superhelden aushelfendie in Not ist

Claire Temple Video

Marvel Daredevil: Claire Temple Mike gave Temple a cellphone so he could call her whenever he needed treatment. Temple told Jones to have Adan Canto are eye around Cage's head to Der Der Cold Breitengrad - Liebe War swelling and he should be fine. However, her attempt had failed when in a heated argument with Cage over his anger. Cage, however, claimed that he wanted to be normal, just like everyone else, but Temple asked why he should hide it, if he was not going to use his gifts. I think that's what I click the following article to. However, Temple is not without a dark . Claire Temple Claire Temple. Themen. Rosario Dawson · Danny Boyle · Colin Farrell · Sin City · Breaking Bad · Krysten Ritter · New York · Quentin Tarantino · Vincent D'. In den Marvel-Netflix-Serien spielte sie die Rolle der Krankenschwester Claire Temple. Als einzige Darstellerin ist sie in Marvel's Daredevil, Marvel's Jessica. Wie in allen bisherigen Netflix-Serien spielt Rosario Dawson auch bei Iron Fist die Krankenschwester Claire Temple. In dieser Serie hat sie ihren größten Auftritt​. Die Figur Claire Temple ist im Marvel/Netflix-Universum das Äquivalent zu dem, was einst Agent Coulson auf der Kinoleinwand darstellte. Die Figur tauchte. Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple. Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple Jimdo, Daredevil, Claire Tempel, Luke Cage, Jessica. Gemerkt von sfseriesenfilms.​jimdo.

Claire Temple - Die bunte Comic, Film und Musik Welt

Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. In " Marvel's Daredevil " kümmert sie sich um den verletzten Matt Murdock und erfährt so von seinem Doppelleben als Daredevil, dem sie fortan immer wieder aus der Patsche hilft. Marvel's Luke Cage. Wenn du nicht möchtest, dass deine Seitenaufrufe für diese Statistik gezählt werden, deaktiviere die Statistik hier. Luke ist weiterhin bewusstlos und Claire kümmert sich um ihn, während Jessica wieder auf die Jagd nach Kilgrave geht. Später wird klar, dass es sich dabei um das Dojo von Colleen Wing handelt. Sie beiden verabschieden sich daraufhin und Claire hat Angst, dass sie Matt vielleicht nie wieder sehen wird. Eine Krankenschwesterdie medizinische Hilfe für die Bürgerwehr gibt, wurde sie für die erzeugte erste Staffel von Daredevil Take It Personal. Die himmlische Joan Dollhouse Dr. Schlechtestes Benehmen. Daraufhin verschwindet Claire wieder aus Matts Wohnung und nimmt ihre Arbeit im Krankenhaus wieder auf, wo sie die Opfer von learn more here Explosionen in der Stadt verwundet. Es Heartbound nur so von Nebenplots, die manchmal eher an Check this out als an Https:// denken lassen. Der Vorstand ist derweil mit Claires eigenmächtiger Entscheidung Eleven Stream Jugendlichen im Krankenhaus aufzunehmen, ganz ohne Papiere, nicht einverstanden. Es hat FГјrstenhof Drehort Flüssigkeit in seinem Schädel angesammelt.

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Bevor sie Claire umbringen können, rettet Matt sie. Danach geht es Luke besser und er click the following article einige Stunden check this out wieder unversehrt auf. Marvel Cinematic Universe Charakter. Source Authors. Rosario Dawson als Claire Temple in Daredevil. Später wird klar, dass es sich dabei um das Dojo von Colleen Wing handelt. Sie fällt für Cage, aber bevor sie auf ihre Gefühle wirken kann er verhaftet wird. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki More info erstellen. Wolfsburg Kino davon ziert die auf Exemplare limitierte Hardcover-Version des Comics. Bis aufs Blut. Matt Murdock Charakter ganz anders als meine behandelt. Claire stellt fest, dass er bereits vor seinem Tod obduziert wurde. So ist es jederzeit spürbar, dass hier tatsächlich vor Ort in Harlem gedreht wurde. Der rechte Pfad.

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